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UK Distribution Centre for a Retailer with Multiple Sites

Green 4 Life put forward a proposal based on a cost saving analysis to back-haul recyclables from stores to the distribution centre, where along with the waste on site, cardboard and plastic was separated. Balers were put on site for the recyclables along with a compactor for the general waste. Following a three-month trial period to demonstrate our methods in practice, a pro-rata cost saving of £110,000 per annum was achieved. This resulted in the customer signing a long-term contract, which we still service 8 years later. During this time, we have helped our client achieve zero waste to landfill, found a recycling route for a complex waste product they had, and set up full office and canteen recycling stations. 

Chemical Manufacturer

Faced with very costly waste bills, largely due to hazardous waste removal, Green 4 Life provided the site with a full free no obligation waste audit. We identified an immediate cost saving by locating recycling wheelie bins at different locations throughout the site which were half the price of the general waste collection points currently on site. Additionally, we highlighted that long-term storage of hazardous waste was problematic and transport of the material was expensive, so we scheduled our customer on a weekly waste collection. This not only reduced a significant transport cost for the customer by incorporating their collection with a weekly collection with other customers but was also a solution to their hazardous material storage issues.


Paper Distributor

With up to 20 mixed recycling wheelie bins being emptied each week mainly containing plastic shrink wrap, Green 4 Life put forward a proposal for this material to be collected separately, baled and sold as a commodity. The customer preferred not to increase capital expenditure nor to sign any long-term rental agreements for equipment. As an alternative approach Green 4 Life purchased the equipment and took a rental charge from the rebate on the plastic. The result was that the customer was actually making profit from their waste material and able to offset their waste bill without being tied into a long-term contract.

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